Monday, October 12, 2015

Spreading smiles :))

"Smile a while and while you smile, your smile will spread from mile to mile......"

Missing Mo on a holiday with my other two boys!!!!! Mo is 18, has autism and he is totally AWESOME! Mo wants me to be happy always. In fact he wants everyone to be happy. Therefore, it is not uncommon for him to request many times during the day:

Mo: "Smile mama" he will say exaggerating his own smile as an illustration.
Me: " But why Mo?"
Mo: " Because you are happy, that’s why," looking at me expectantly.
Me: "I am happy Mo but I don't need to smile all the time to show that."
Mo: Not convinced, “Please mama smile like this" he insists smiling a huger smile at me urging me to follow suit. And as always I give in even if it for the 10th time in the day. Mo and I we both end up smiling ear to ear!

According to the dictionary, a smile is a facial expression indicating pleasure or amusement. Mo however takes that that to another levelFor instance, he believes that if you are happy you smile and if you are not smiling you are NOT happy. Simply, black is black and white is white. Typically individuals on the autism spectrum struggle with understanding other people's mental states, that others may think differently or have their own points of views. This is called theory of mind or understanding other people’s emotions, beliefs, desires and perspective.

Bless Mo for always bringing a smile to my face J

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