Monday, October 5, 2015

Get ready for MO's burgers!

Mo’s been wanting to open a restaurant since he was 11 years old. He, with enthusiastic input from his  brothers, has even come up with various names for his joint: Mo burger, Burger Zone or Mo Dee’s (Moeez Durrani is his full name). Not only that, the boys even have a menu ready with BURGERS and SHAKES and more BURGERS and SHAKES of all shapes and sizes!

This was seven years ago. Now that Mo is in the UK. in a school that follows a dual track of academics and vocational training, we his parents, have eagerly communicated Mo’s ambitions to his teachers and trainers. Living more than half way across the world from Mo, once just the idea of him in another city let alone another continent away was a dream that we dared to dream believing in miracles and that no such thing as ‘impossible’ existed. So you see that is why I say Mo Burger is on it’s way!

I have to admit though that there just a slight hitch in Mo’s planning for his restaurant. He wants to be the ‘manager of the restaurant and according to him “managers just sit on a chair while others do all the work”.

Well we’re hoping that by the time Mo graduates from his school in two years some of his misconceptions would have seen the light of day. After all just sitting on a chair for long periods of time can get very very tiring J.

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