Monday, December 21, 2020

My new book: S-BRATA:Supporting Psycho-Emotional Needs in Children with Autism


Excited to share that Routledge is releasing my new book Sensory-Based Relational Art Therapy Approach on 28.12.20!

Below is an excerpt from my book

...what led me to the development of the Sensory-Based Relational Art Therapy Approach (S-BRATA) was the desire to seek a deeper understanding of an approach that I had developed organically over the years while working with children with autism and comorbid SID. The way I conducted art therapy seemed to work well for these children, but there were gaps in my knowledge that needed to be filled, and a doctorate seemed to be the best way to bridge those gaps between theory and practice.

S-BRATA is the result of the search for a deeper understanding of a concern that was instigated by my son’s condition and gradually grew into a passion. Essentially, the framework that S-BRATA provides for doing art therapy with children with autism is preliminary; however, it has potential for further development and growth. 

Importantly, S-BRATA is not meant as a guide for art therapists alone but for all professionals using a multisensory kinesthetic approach, be it art, music, dance/movement or other therapies espousing a mind-body approach. Due to the flexibility of its scope and its capacity to integrate different modes of expression and creativity, the principles of the S-BRATA can be adapted and incorporated across multiple disciplines. 

The relational aspect of the S-BRATA can also serve as a guide for caregivers who want to gain insight into interacting and communicating with children with sensory challenges and those who may be highly anxious and appear to be averse to interaction with the outside world.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon or The Routledge website.