Thursday, February 16, 2017

Anything is possible!

It's been a while since I updated you about Mo but I think this news deserves to be shared for three reasons: firstly, because Mo has taken the first step towards achieving his dream (owning a restaurant); secondly, it has renewed my faith in humanity and finally, it gives me the opportunity to say one that, 'anything is possible'!!!! 

Mo returned to Jakarta in October 2016 after finishing school in England and we had about 8 months before we moved to Singapore in June 2017.  I was panicking about how I would keep him occupied constructively in the interim and Mo too was extremely stressed about his immediate and long term future. In fact there were many 'volcanic eruptions' soon after he bid school in England goodbye  and immediately after his return to Indonesia. Though I was very happy to have him back, I was certainly not happy to be the target of his outbursts.

That is when I had an epiphany and decided to deal with the situation head on. Mo's dream is to work and eventually own a restaurant, so why should he have to wait? Especially, since the past two and a half years in England, this is what we had been preparing him for and the natural progression would be for him to start working towards that.

Consequently, I decided to contact Alex (pseudonym), the owner of a popular resturant in Jakarta, to request an internship for Mo as a waiter. Alex, whom I did not know personally, responded to my email immediately and asked to meet with Mo. At the meeting he agreed to give Mo a chance because he believed that everyone deserves one and, mirroring my thoughts exactly, he added that "anything is possible".

Ready for first day at work

 It has been two months since Mo's been working at the restaurant and loving it. Initially, he was very nervous and totally stressed out that he would fail to perform and be asked to leave, but that is in the past. Now for the first time in his life, Mo wakes up on his own, gets ready for work without reminders (shave and hair gel and all) and is off to the restaurant on the dot. Also, for the first time he has (to my utter delight) started asking for pocket money so that he has something in his wallet in case he wants to buy a snack on the way back from work. He returns from work brimming with confidence and a sense of achievement. What more could I have asked for!

Alex says that Mo is improving everyday and slowly he is beginning to give him more work. Alex is Mo's angel in Jakarta and I hoping there will be others waiting for him in Singapore. 

I have said it twice and I will say it again 'ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE"!